Human Resources

Deputy Rector for HR

A.F. Trushchenkova

The Department of Human Resources was established in July 1957 according to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR No. 343 “On the Establishment of Medical Institute in Ternopil”, dated April 12, 1957.

The first inspector of the Department of Human Resources of Ternopil Medical Institute, by order No. 7, dated July 18, 1957, was O.M. Smirnov, who later was the head of the department.

In 1958-1963, H.S. Hrunina was the inspector of the Department of Human Resources of the Medical Institute; and for a long time N.V. Hryhorieva filled the office as an inspector.

The task of the newly established department was to implement long-term and current plans for recruitment needs, i.e. selection of research and teaching staff, support staff and operating staff to organize the complete work of the Medical Institute in Ternopil. The functions of the department were reducing staff turnover and improvement of labour discipline.

From October 1968 until March 1994, M.S. Harbuzenko was the Head of the Department of Human Resources. From March 1994 to February 2007, the department was led by Ye.B. Unolt. From February to August 2007, I.M. Harasymiv, a lecturer of the Department of Disaster and Military Medicine, was assigned as the Deputy Rector for HR.

Since August 2007, A.F. Trushchenkova has been the Deputy Rector for HR of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University.

The main tasks of the Department of Human Resources are: providing units with the required number of employees of appropriate qualifications according to the Payroll and Job Description Schedule; registration of employment, transfer to another position, relocation and dismissal of employees, records for employee leave and their control; recording and reporting on units personnel.

Currently L.P. Ohinska, a leading specialist, T.V. Zvarych, a leading specialist, I.R. Kravets, a leading specialist, T.S. Rohalska, a leading specialist, work in the department.

T.V. Zvarych

I.R. Kravets

L.P. Ohinska

T.S. Rohalska